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Raid: Shadow Legends Is Developed and Offered by Plarium Global Ltd

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Raid Shadow Legends 

Raid: Shadow Legends is based on a teleria world, with many characters fighting with shadow. There are four warriors, only the Bravest one will be going to take the teleria.


- Common
- Uncommon 
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary

All characters are classified into 5 different categories, also their powers and abilities are different

1- Common

The lowest level with very less powers and abilities.

It’s just a step up from the common, it has slightly more powerful as compared to commons

2- UNCommon

It’s the medium level, with not the most powers but it is still powerful as compared to the other two

3- Rare

It has the second most powerful character and power but still it is not the most powerful

4- Epic

Legendary is the most powerful and with all the abilities and useful effects

5- Legendary

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