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Duolingo Apk Download 5.94.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Duolingo MOD Apk

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Casual Games

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Premium Unlocked

Want to learn a new language, then Duolingo is here. Duolingo MOD Apk is the best solution to learn any language with all premium features

About Duolingo

Duolingo MOD APK Latest Version (5.94.2) Download For Free

Do you want to learn a new language for free? But confused about how to start. Do you want to learn English? then this article is for you. In this article, we have shared a very amazing learning app used to learn all languages around the world, Duolingo MOD Apk. You can learn any new language just by completing short exercises like a game. Also, we will take a look at its What Is Duolingo about?, Overview, how to use it? downloading guide, Top features, installation process, final Words, and conclusion. But many things are paid for. So to use all those features for free, we have provided the Duolingo MOD APK download link for free, Read the article carefully and don’t skip any part of it or you can miss out on something important.

What’s Duolingo MOD Apk about?

Doulingo MOD Apk Download
Doulingo MOD Apk Download

Duolingo is a free platform to learn any new language by use of your phone and other devices. You can learn more than 40+ languages, including top languages such as English, Hindi, French, Spanish, German, and many more. There are all languages available which you can see all over the world. Duolingo has free online sessions in which you can select, words, make sentences, do exercises, and many more brainstorming. These all activities help get mastery any language.

Overview Of Duolingo MOD Apk

Today’s world is limitless, some people work, in other countries because of their language skills and experiences. There are many incidents in life when you should know to speak some country’s conversational languages so you can get a job there, But people feel it’s difficult to learn a new language, So My friends it’s no more true anymore. Because I am sharing an amazing learning app called Duolingo. It’s a free platform where you can learn any new language around the world. There are more than 40 Top languages available for you.

Duolingo makes it easy to learn any new language from the comfort of your phone. In Duolingo, you can take small sessions and exercise to learn a new language. There are small quizzes, and practices like games. You will feel like playing a game. Duolingo makes it easy to learn 2 languages at a time, and most of us get bored learning a single thing to Duolingo has an option where you won’t learn 2 or more languages. You can just click on a button and change your preferred language.

Learn With Small Stories and Quizzes

You could hear that practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge. In the case of learning a new language, this is a very important step. Because we all are humans we have adopted everything just by seeing and practicing it. So to get a better learning Duolingo has an amazing Stories section.

You can read many varieties of stories and learn them. There is a conversation between characters and it help you understand, how to communicate with others. Also, there are many Top stories, e.g. Vikram ka surprise, Garmiyo me swetter, film ka premier, and many more. There are Funny, Cool, thriller, and adventurous stories. All stories are free and you will be able to unlock them by completing your levels.

Download Duolingo APK For Free

Duolingo is a free platform for learning a lot of languages from around the globe. It has many features and modes which make you get mastery the language easily. Duolingo is been a very interesting platform to learn a language, and so it’s very popular among people. It has more than 100 Million downloads and a 4.6 star rating with 10+ million reviews. It’s an editor Choice app and fulfills all of the safety and security needs.

But there are many premium features, for which you need to buy a premium membership. I know many of us don’t want to buy it and want to use all the features like limitless. So because of that, in this article we have shared a direct download link to download Duolingo MOD Apk from our website, it’s a very safe and secure link, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Also, we have shared all the details installation guide for Duolingo, you can refer to it below, and if you triggered any other problem let us know about it. We will resolve it Soon.

Stunning Features Of Duolingo MOD APK

Duolingo is a very powerful platform where anyone can learn a new language just by using their phone. Also, it’s free to use, but there is some restriction in this app and you can’t get unlimited access to it. To solve all these problems we have shared Duolingo MOD APK with you. You will be able to use all features of this app by playing a single penny to anyone. We have explained all the top features of Duolingo MOD Apk.

Features List of Duolingo APK

  1. Learn Any language
  2. Players League
  3. Many Challenges
  4. Many Prizes and Rewards
  5. Infinite Hearts
  6. Special Mistake practices
  7. Free Mastery Quiz
  8. Ads-free Interface

Learn Any language

Duolingo has more than 40 languages, you can learn any language from it. All languages are free to learn and practice. There are small sessions and practices like games to learn the languages. You easily learn a new language by just selecting the correct option, making simple translations, and all. After you complete certain levels your levels and difficulties will increase, and that will help you learn the languages fast.

Players League

Duolingo has an interesting section where you can see your friend’s achievements and ranks. Duolingo gives every player badges according to their performances. There are many types of leagues like the Bronze league, Silver league, golden league so on. The players are divided into these categories on their achievements and gameplay.

Many Challenges

There is nothing that can be learned without taking on challenges. You need to get a goal and achieve it. Also, Duolingo has a challenge section, where you can see your monthly goal and challenges. Also, you can track your progress with it. It’s a very good tool to increase your interest in learning a new language.

Many Prizes and Rewards

Prizes are something that makes a like doing something, and especially when you are learning something and get a reward for an achievement you will love it. Duolingo also knew this and they encourage this and gives many rewards and prizes for every achievement, You will get gems, special outfits for Duo, and many more. There are also some levels of unlocks and stories unlocked on some achievements.

Infinite Hearts

In Duolingo, if you do mistakes more than 3 to 4 times you will lose the level and need to start it again. But I don’t like to play it again and again and hope you also don’t, So to solve this problem I have shared Duolingo MOD APK with you. You will get Infinite Hearts in this MOD APK. Now you don’t need to replay any level again because you will never be a shortage of hearts.

Special Mistake Practices

Duolingo is a very interesting language-learning app. But you could know that we should learn from our mistakes because there are special Mistakes Practices and sessions to understand your mistake and learn from them. You can also learn many extra questionnaires from it.

Free Mastery Quiz

Duolingo MOD APK gives you access to Mastry Quiz for free. It’s a mastery-level Quiz where you can get mastery in any language you want. In the original Duolingo app, this is a paid feature, but we have got this free for you. You can easily use all MODs features just by downloading Duolingo MOD APK from Askmodapk.com and the download link below.

Ads-free Interface

Duolingo has many ads and promotions in between the app. This decreases focus and learning ability. To solve this problem we have shared Duolingo MOD APK with you. It’s a free Modified version of Duolingo with lots of MODs features. It’s a free and working app. You will never see any ads for promotion in Duolingo MOD APK.

Step By Step Installation Guide

Step 1. First, Download the Duolingo MOD APK from askmodapk.com or download the page directly.

Step 2. Then go to your file manager and search for Duolingo MOD APK, and click on it.

Step 3. After that, your device will ask you to enable “Unknown Sources” permission so turn it on. If you have already done this before, skip this step for now.

Step 4. Now click on the install button and wait till it gets installed.

Step 5. After it’s installed click on open and you are good to go with your Duolingo MOD APK.


In this article, we have shared Duolingo MOD APK with you. It’s a multi-language learning platform, you can learn 40+ languages on this MOD APK. Also, we have discussed what’s Duolingo, how to use it, the overview, how to download it, and some top features of the app. For your convenience, we have shared the Duolingo MOD APK download link for free. You can download Duolingo MOD APK from askmodapk.com or using the download link below. That’s all for now, hope you like this article. We will be back with a new rocking article soon.

Useful FAQs For Duolingo MOD Apk

Is it paid to learn languages from Duolingo?

No, It’s free to learn any language from Duolingo, there are more than 40 languages available for free. You can start your learning journey from it easily.

What is Duolingo plus?

Duolingo Plus is a subscription model from Duolingo where you can get many more features, like unlimited hearts, Mistake Practice and revision, Mastery quizzes, and an ad-free experience. Duolingo gives a 14-day free trial and after it charges 6.99$ per month. But with Duolingo MOD Apk you will get all plus features for free.

Which android version is required to run this Duolingo app?

You need at least android version 5.1 and more to run this app.

What are some advantages of Duolingo?

Advantages of Duolingo-
1. Duolingo has more than 40 languages.
2. It’s easy to learn a new language from its small and addictive small lessons.
3. Simple and easy to use.
4. Many performance tracking tools and rewards make it more addictive


In the above article, we have shared Duolingo MOD APK with you. We have shared some brief information regarding the Duolingo MOD APK and shared a download link to it. This app is made and developed by Duolingo, You can also download it from Askmodapk.com, there are many popular games and apps MODs available for free. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding our site or the content on it, then comment to us below we will reply to you soon.

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