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Plenix Clash Apk Download 15.352.8 (Unlimited All)

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Clash of Clans Mods

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Plenix Clash is a private server for playing the Clash Of Clans game. It's generally used to get all premium features and money, coins and golds for free.

About Plenix Clash

Plenix Clash is a private server for playing the Clash Of Clans game. It’s generally used to get all premium features and money, coins and golds for free. Like unlimited money, unlimited gems, Infinite resources, All characters Unlocked, and many more. There are many private servers where you can play both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. You can play PlenixClash without any problem and very smoothly with these servers. In this article, we will talk about Plenix Clash MOD APK. It’s the best MOD available for Clash of clans. Also, we will take a look at its Overview, theme, how to use, and features. You will get access to many premium features of the Games. So read the article carefully and don’t skip any part.

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Overview Of Plenix Clash MOD APK

Plenix Clash Featured Image

Plenix Clash MOD APK is a private server to play Clash of Clans for free. It’s a very powerful and Optimized server. You can play both games on it seamlessly. Plenix Clash MOD APK gives you unlimited money, Unlimited gems and all premium features Unlocked. It’s free and fully working. You don’t need any subscription or give any money to use Plenix Clash MOD APK.

What is Clash Of Clans?

Clash Of Clans is a very interesting strategic combat game. You can make villages, train troops, build your empire and your area, and go for fights. There are millions of users to play with around the world. There are many modes and customization to play with. You will get many amazing heroes, characters, and many more.

PlenixClash APK

Plenix Clash

There are different levels with different hardness, battles, characters, Powers, and many more. The powerful team will win the game. You need to your troops and armies and make strategies to win the match. you will get TownHall 14 direct update, in the latest Plenix Clash MOD APK. You don’t need to do any hustle and hard work to reach out to the top level. Plenix Clash MOD APK gives all this for free.

Plenix Clash MOD APK With Townhall 14 Update..!

PlenixClash TH14

If you think that the MOD APK could be in older version and didn’t get to use all Latest premium features ?, then you are wrong my friend. Plenix Clash MOD APK is available in the latest version with all modes, features, premium features, and added features in it. In Plenix Clash MOD APK you will see Townhall 14 Update. You don’t need to do any hustle and hard work to get to Townhall 14. Just download Plenix Clash MOD APK and you will be directly upgraded by Townhall 24 for free. Also, you will get all townhall 14 features, updates and more.

Get Popular Hero Pets With You..!

PlenixClash - Pet Heroes

Plenix Clash MOD APK has many popular and unique Hero pets. You can easily buy one and start your journey with pets. You will be able to get a new and upgraded pet level by level. Also, you will get a special pet tower to live your pets there. Every character here has different characters, abilities, and powers. Before townhall, your pet hero will live with your troops. Pet heroes are very powerful workable resources.

Difference Between Plenix Clash MOD APK and Clash Of Clans.

Plenix Clash is nothing but a modified version of the Clash of Clans game. You will get to use all premium features, MODs features, character unlocked, unlimited money, unlimited gold and many more. Plenix Clash MOD APK is free everything. You don’t need to spend a penny to use Plenix Clash MOD APK.

COC vs PlenixClash

Plenix Clash APK is based on private servers, which means it uses private servers to process all data and commands. It’s nowhere linked to the original one. This thing makes them all safer and Anti-ban. Also, there are many restrictions, and ads, in the original COC, but there will be no limitations in Plenix Clash APK. So download the Plenix Clash APK now for free.

On the other hand Clash of clans is an official game by Supercell. inc. Also, it has many restrictions, subscription models, In-app purchases, Ads and many more. You need to get a subscription and buy characters, Gold to get more out of the game. But in Plenix clash MOD APK it’s all free.

Download Plenix Clash MOD APK For Free

Plenix Clash MOD APK is a private server to play Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale. You can play with the latest version of Clash of clans. You will get many premium features for free. If you want access to use. It’s a very powerful and Optimized server, you need at least android 4.1 or above to use Plenix Clash MOD APK. It’s a very lite weight app, it doesn’t harm your mobile by any means.

PlenixClash Download APK for Free

This app has many amazing features and it’s an external server MOD to play. You don’t need to root your device or install any other app or file to use this app. Just download the Plenix Clash MOD APK from Askmodapk.com and you are great to start. If you are stuck in the Installation process or want any guidance, you can refer to the Simple Installation Guide below.

Plenix Clash MOD APK is the best MOD available for Clash of clans, it’s very responsive and works with all devices. There are only one criteria that you should use Android version 4.0 and more to play Plenix Clash MOD APK. Plenix Clash MOD APK is safe and secure to use. All of the MODs provided by askmodapk.com are safe and working, we take your safety first because we always scan and test the MOD APK before posting to you.

Amazing Features Of Plenix Clash MOD APK

Plenix Clash is a Private Server made use of Clash of kings and Clash Royal games. It gives many custom modifications and premium unlocked below are some MOD features Listed.

List of MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Ads-free
  • Arena Upgrade
  • Refile And Coin Counter
  • Awesome Technology.
  • Add more Troops
  • Troops And Spells At Max level
  • Take More Out Of Commands
  • Attack Your Village

Unlimited Money:-
Plenix Clash gives you access to Unlimited money to spend on COC AND Clash Royal games. It’s free and working. You don’t need any subscription or give money to use this feature. also, you will get many other features in Plenix Clash MOD APK.

Plenix Clash- Unlimited Money

Unlimited Gems:-
Plenix Clah
gives unlimited gems to use in both games. You can spend as many gems as you want. There is no limit to using gems. You can buy many items from a game shop and other accessories like Clothes, features and many more.

Ads-free UI:-
If you are wondering that Plenix Clah only gives MOD features and nothing much. Then you are wrong my friend. It has many premium features for free. Like Ads free. you will never see any promotions or advertisements in the game.

Arena Upgrade:-
You will get many custom features and upgrades in the Plenix Clash MOD APK. Plenix clash gets you to maximum level within 24 hours. It’s very fast and responsive. You will get many upgrades for free. So download the Plenix Clash MOD APK from askmodapk.com

Refile and Coin Counter:-
gives you access to premium features for free. If your money, gems and other items are finished you can easily Refile them and make you count. It’s a very easy and helpful feature of the Plenix Clash MOD APK.

PlenixClash- Refill counter

Awesome Graphics:-
Plenix Clash has changed its technology and taken it to the best level. It works like P2P types and 3D cast technics. Also, Supercell has done massive work on clash of clans graphics. All the buildings, characters, and maps are made with high graphics.

Add More Troops:-
In Plenix Clash APK you can Add more troops apart from the original troops, this will help you win the match more easily. You can also add and use the other, Hog Gliders, Night Witches Boxer Giants, and Cannon Carts. If you want you can add troops anywhere. You can also add more troops in the multiplayer mode.

Troops and Spells at Max level:-
In the Plenix Clash APK, you will get Troops and spells at Max level. You don’t need to upgrade it or waste any money on it. Also, it will get you to win the match easier. Even the heroes and pets will also get at the max power. You can easily play every mode with this, like, multiplayer, matches and more.


Take More Out Of Commands:-
If you playing the game as ordinary then you are missing the real fun..!, by using commands and spells you can make your game more easy and simple. There are many popular and needed commands which you can use. Below I have shown an example of this…

Attack Your Village:-

Attack on your village to check the defence of your area. Not everyone wants to attack their base, but it’s also important to check the deference of it. These features are not available in the original COC. This is a very important feature.

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Simple Installation Guide

  • First, download Plenix Clash APK from askmodapk.com or download the link below…
  • Now go to the file manager and search for the Plenix Clash MOD APK, and open it.
  • After that, your system asks you to enable the unknown sources option, so enable it. If you have already done this then skip this step.
  • Then click on install, it will take some time. Once it’s done Click on open.
  • It’s all set you Installation is done. play the game.


In this article we have discussed Plenix Clash APK.It’s a Private server. Also, we have talked about its story, theme, Overview and features. You can easily download the Plenix Clash APK for free. It’s a very interesting and fabulous MOD APK. On the server you can play Clash of clans, clash royal and many more. so what are you waiting for download the Plenix Clash MOD APK for free? Plenix Clash is a free downloadable and working MOD APK. Its free easily and fast to download the Plenix MOD APK.

Useful FAQs

1. Is Plenix Clash available for free?

Yes, It’s all free and working, Just download it from askmodapk.com.

2. Which platforms does Plenix Clash game support?

Plenix Clash is available for both Android and IOS.

3. What are the MOD features available in Plenix Clash MOD APK?

Plenix Clash has many amazing features, like unlimited money, Unlimited gems,ads free, without root and many more.

4. Will My Id Get Banned Playing Plenix Clash Mod Apk ?

No, It will not happen. So just we suggest you make a new ID for that purchase only.

5. Can I Play With Other Real Players?

Yes, you can play PVP and multiplayer and many more.

Note:- In the above article we have talked about Plenix Clash APK. Also, we have shared download Plenix Clash MOD for free. you will get many imported and many more. Also if you want more MOD FEATURES For free on AskMODAPK. If you have any query, suggestion, or complaint in favour of content or website. A comment is below and we will get to you soon.

Download Plenix Clash

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Plenix Clash

v15.352.8 • (Unlimited All)
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