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YouTube Vanced Apk Download 18.09.37 (Premium Unlocked, Ads Free)

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Premium Unlocked, Ads Free

YouTube Vanced is the best version of YouTube Android for Free, YouTube Vanced Includes Ads Free UI, Background Playback. Download YouTube Vanced for free.

About YouTube Vanced

Do you want to use YouTube Ads-free ?, Do you want to play YouTube Music in the background?, Do you want to access premium features of YouTube? If yes then you are in the best place. In this article, I will be going to share YouTube Vanced APK with you. It’s a modified version of YouTube to give you an Ads-free experience, also you will be able to enjoy YouTube Music in the background. Also, we will take a look at what’s YouTube Vanced, how to use it, downloading process, and many more. In this article we will be going to share the YouTube Vanced download link, so read the article carefully and don’t skip any part of it.

YouTube Vanced Features Image

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Overview Of YouTube Vanced APK

You could be bored seaming the ads on YouTube, also now YouTube announced its subscription pattern to get an ads-free interface, background music, higher resolution downloading and many more. But not all of us can afford to buy it. Because we have brought YouTube Vanced APK, It’s like an advanced YouTube version without any type of limitations and drawbacks. You can easily download it from our website askmodapk.com.

YouTube Vanced is full of features and functions to give you a seamless experience. You can easily watch any videos across the platform without any ads, You can easily play music in the background. Also now there is no restriction on the downloading quality, you can easily download any videos from YouTube Vanced APK up to 4K resolution. So what are you waiting for download the YouTube Vanced MOD APK now..!

YouTube Vanced

How does YouTube Vanced work?

As you could know YouTube is a very big organization and modifying its features and availing it is a very hard task, so how does YouTube Vanced MOD APK do it?. So basically YouTube Vanced does nothing but uses the premium membership user features and added them to their app and streamed it using it. It’s very complicated work and needs to be done by professionals only.

Is Using YouTube Vanced Safe?

YouTube Vanced Apk

Yes, Using YouTube Vanced is safe, you don’t need to get any stress about your data, Google account, or using activities. YouTube Vanced uses private servers to run the app so it will not get banned anyhow. Using it will just give you access to many premium membership benefits for free. There are no side effects of this app, Except there is a small lag in between some videos and they will cover this in the next update.

YouTube Subscription Model

Also if you can afford and be able to pay YouTube premium membership subscription, then you should take it. Because original is original there are many things that only the original app can give you, like no bugs and timely updates. There are three types of plans in the YouTube Premium membership, we have listed them down so decide accordingly.

YouTube Premium Plans

1. Regular Plan
This is a regular and primary plan of YouTube premium membership, It includes, an Ads-free interface, unlimited high resolution downloading, Uninterrupted background music support and more. It costs 129 INR/month.

2. Family pack
This is a family pack, you can save money by buying this. In a Family pack, you can add up to 5 family members and it only costs 189 INR/Month. It’s a very useful plan if there are more members of your family to watch YouTube.

3. Student Pack
This is a special pack for only students, it is given in a very low amount for students only after checking proper authentication, The students need to do authentication yearly. It costs 76 INR/Monthly.

Youtube Vanced APK Download For Free

YouTube Vanced is a very similar app to YouTube. You will find videos, music albums and many more in it. There are all categories of content available. You can easily download Youtube Vanced APK from askmodapk.com or the download button below. It’s a free and working MOD APK. YouTube Vanced MOD APK has many amazing features to use.

YouTube Vanced Apk Features

You can watch videos, Shorts, movies, music and many more for free. There are no ads, no restrictions and nothing. It’s a free app to use, also it’s very safe and secure. YouTube Vanced MOD APK doesn’t collect any personal information about you. Also, it doesn’t contain any malware or virus in it. So what are you waiting for download Youtube Vanced MOD APK now..!

Stunning MOD Features of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a modified version of YouTube to give you more out of it. We have listed the top MOD features YouTube Vanced MOD APK. So take a look at it.

list of Features YouTube Vanced

  • Ads Free
  • Play In Background
  • Upto 4k Download
  • Billions Of Videos
  • Automatic Playback
  • Themes and Styles
  • Play At Your speed
  • No Subscription Needed
  • No ROOT Required
  • Anti Ban

Ads-Free:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a free app to watch videos, Shorts, movies, music and more. You will find content in every category and genre. It’s a free app to use. Also, YouTube Vanced MOD APK doesn’t contain any ads. Ads are super annoying and boring to watch, no one wants to watch them. Because for your comfort we have removed Ads of YouTube Vanced MOD APK.

Ads Free

Play in Background:- Many of us wanted to play videos and music in the background, but YouTube restricts this feature and also charges for it. So we have got YouTube Vanced MOD APK with you, It will give you 100% background play. You can listen to any videos or music on the go. Also, this is a free feature of YouTube Vanced MOD APK, You don’t need to spend a penny on it.

Play in Background

Highest Resolution Download:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a very interesting app to use. It has content in every category, It has billions of videos on it. But in this busy lifestyle, we all are busy and want to download videos and watch them later, but YouTube doesn’t allow us to do it with higher resolution. But no more, we have shared YouTube Vanced MOD APK with you. You can download Videos up to 4K resolution. It will give you the highest resolution video quality download.

HD Download

Billions Of Videos:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK has billions of videos on it. You can explore videos from hundreds of categories and genres. It’s free to watch any video you want. YouTube Vanced MOD APK doesn’t charge any money to use. Also, there are more popular sections and categories, like Shorts, Movies, Playlist, Broadcast and many more.

BIllions of videos

Automatic Playback:- Automatic Playback is a very essential feature that every app should give, It plays videos one after another, like a queue. You don’t need to select videos and play them by yourself. It’s very helpful features while, travelling, and busy workings. Also if you want you can select a playlist and it will be played in order till the end.

Automatic Play

Themes & Styles:- No one likes a dull theme, this makes the user experience worse. So you should try YouTube Vanced MOD APK, It has many themes and styles. You can apply Dark, Light, Green, and many colour themes, It has many additional Styling options, which enhances your app experience.

Themes & Styles

Play At Your speed:- Many people want videos to be played at their preferred speed, so you can easily switch to any speed lowest to highest. It’s a good feature for many people who hears slowly or Fastly. You can save some time by playing videos on fast settings. also, you can slow is gently understanding the topic wisely.

Speed Play

No Subscription Needed:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a free and working MOD APK, you don’t need to take any subscription, membership or anything else. Also, YouTube Vanced MOD APK doesn’t change a single penny from you. It’s free and gives you Ads free, Background support, and the highest download quality.

No Subscription

No ROOT Required:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a very popular video, and music streaming platform. There are billions of top category content for free. But if you think it must need to Root your device to use YouTube Vanced MOD APK, so you are wrong my friend. It’s a free and working MOD, by askmodapk.com you don’t need to Root your device, Also you don’t need to get any subscription to use it. Just download it from askmodapk.com and use it freely.

No Root Required

Anti-Ban:- YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a similar app to YouTube, also it has the option to use your Gmail to save your watch history and activities. So you can find it after a while. But Gmail is very important and using it in YouTube Vanced MOD APK is safe? Yes, it’s safe and secure. YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a safe app it just verifies your identity and passes it to YouTube.

Anti- Ban APK

Advantages and Disadvantage Of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced mod apk


  1. Smooth and fast responding interface
  2. Ads-free experience
  3. Background videos play support
  4. Download at the highest resolution
  5. Special Shorts Section
  6. Cool Dark Theme
  7. To Need Premium membership
  8. Free to watch all Videos


  1. Sometimes Lags

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Easy Installation Guide

  • To install YouTube Vanced MOD APK, first, download it from AskModAPK.com or the download button below.
  • Then go to your file explorer and search for the YouTube Vanced MOD APK, and open it.
  • After opening it, your system will ask for “Unknown Sources” permission, so enable it.
  • If you have done the above step before then skip it and move to another one.
  • Now, Click on the install button and wait will it’s installed.
  • Once it’s installed click on open and enjoy your YouTube Vanced MOD APK.


In this article we have shared YouTube Vanced MOD APK with you. It’s a very interesting app, You can watch, videos, Shorts, movies, Series, Shows, Live TV and many more on it. It’s a free app to use. Also, we have discussed how to use it, its Top features, Overview, How to download it, What’s YouTube Vanced and many more. We have shared the YouTube Vanced MOD APK download link, You can easily get it from askmodapk.com

Useful FAQs

1. Which is the most popular and working YouTube MOD available?

There is a very popular and working MOD APK available, called “YouTube Vanced”.This gives you all features of a YouTube membership.

2. How to get Geniune YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

You can easily get YouTube Vanced MOD APK from genuine site like Askmodapk.com

3. Will I get banned if I used Youtube Vanced?

No, you will not get banned if you used Youtube Vanced MOD APK, hence it’s not illegal.

4. What’s the Lowest Android version that needs to use YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

YouTube Vanced is a high-class apk and it needs Android version 8,0 and more.

Note:- In the Above article we have discussed YouTube Vanced APK, Also we have shared some important information about it like, Overview, and how to use it? it, Whats YouTube Vanced?, How does it work? and many more. We have shared the YouTube Vanced APK download link for free. You can easily get it from Askmodapk.com, also there are many top MOD APK, Popular MODs, Latest versions and regular Updates available, You can download any MOD APK from there. It’s free and Safe. If you have any questions, suggestions, or Complaints about your content or website then please comment to us below, we will reach out to you soon.

Download YouTube Vanced

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YouTube Vanced

v18.09.37 • (Premium Unlocked, Ads Free)
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