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FMWhatsApp is Best WhatsApp Alternative to use better modified features in WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp Download Latest UPDATED VERSION from Askmodapk.

About FM WhatsApp

Are you bored with WhatsApp? Do you want to use WhatsApp in a new way ?, Do you want to use new features of WhatsApp? Hello Everyone, In this article, I am sharing FMWhatsApp Update with you. FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp MOD used in 2023. FMWhatsApp has all features you will have in WhatsApp and it has some more add-on MOD features, which we will discuss further in this post. we are also going to take a look at the Overview, Theme, Features, and use of FMWhatsapp. So Please Read this article carefully and don’t skip any part to use FM WhatsApp with full features.

FM WhatsApp Featured Image

Overview Of FM WhatsApp APK

Today’s world is full of technology and the internet, All of us are connected with social media apps in this internet age. So in communication with each other WhatsApp is the most popular and used social media app. But WhatsApp getting older with the growing time and the fast adapting technology. We humans always wanted something more and something different every time.

FMWhatsApp Interface

There is how FM WhatsApp and other famous WhatsApp MODs developed. FMWhatsApp has a user-adaptive interface, you can customize the FM Whatsapp at its full capacity. You can change the theme, fonts, and text colour, and even you can change the FM WhatsApp name to anything you want. FM WhatsApp has a very easy and simple interface, you don’t require to have any technical knowledge to use FMWhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp Download APK

FM WhatsApp Features

FM WhatsApp is developed to give more features, more privacy and independence to use WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp doesn’t allow file sharing of more than 100MB, status can be only 30sec or less, less security and privacy options and many more drawbacks of WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp has covered all these problems and is set as an ideal solution for messages and communication.

FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version For Android

FMWhatsApp Features Settings

FM WhatsApp is a developed and modified version of WhatsApp, surely it has all the features of WhatsApp but also it has removed certain problems of people, like file sharing limit, status limit and privacy needs. As time is going WhatsApp is getting older, it has introduced its new features like disappearing messages, hiding status signs and more, all this was already added in the older versions of FM WhatsApp and some other WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, etc.

FM WhatsApp is not available in the play store, you will never find it there as the developer hasn’t listed it in the play store. You need to find it all across the web. But finding from anonymous websites could harm your device and has a risk of viruses. As a solution to this, we have shared FM WhatsApp direct download link on our website, You can easily download FM WhatsApp from the link in this post and all that for free.

FM WhatsApp Privacy and Security

Why FM WhatsApp?

Many of us could have a question, if we have WhatsApp already then why do we need FM WhatsApp?, so the answer is very simple We are humans and we get bored with anything if we use it frequently. Whatsapp is one of them, due to the limited features of WhatsApp many people are adopting WhatsApp MODs like FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp and more.

FMWhatsApp Themes Setting

FM WhatsApp has many amazing features that are not available in the other WhatsApp MODs. It’s very concerned about the privacy and security of its users. It’s developed by a third party but it has taken all measures to protect its users and their data. It has many privacy options to protect user data. Also, it has a very stable and smooth interface. WhatsApp has been taken from an underground MOD APK to a mainstream communication app over the past time. All because of its fabulous features and benefits.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Updated Version (Official) 2023 | Anti-Ban

FMWhatsApp icon
App Name FM WhatsApp
Version v20.93.34
CategoryWhatsApp MOD
Total Downloads10,000,000+
APK Size51 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Fabulous Features Of FMWhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp MOD available, It’s been always a great option over the original WhatsApp. Many users have to change WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp in the past few years, all because of its features and functions which are far advanced and updated. We have shared Some top features of FM WhatsApp below with an explanation.

List Of FMWhatsApp Features

  • Freeze Last Seen In FM
  • Hide Status Viewed
  • Read Message without Ticks
  • Disable the “Forwarded” Tag
  • Limit Caller/Block Calls
  • Hide Actions (“typing” )
  • Anti Status Delete
  • Choose Modes (Online/Offline)
  • More Media Sharing
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Anti Delete Messages
  • Security Lock
  • Auto Replay
  • Increased Forward limit
  • Fully Customisable
  • Increased Image sharing Limit
  • Messages Revoke
  • Anti Ban
  • No Root Required
  • Ads Free
  • Freeze Last Seen
FMWhatsApp Theme Colors
FMWhatsApp Theme Color Settings

FM WhatsApp Features – Explaination

FMWhatsApp is the best WhatsApp alternative you can ever see. It has an amazing feature, in which you can Freeze your last scene. It’s a very interesting privacy feature that comes in FM WhatsApp. Freezing your last seen in FMWhatsApp gives you more privacy and control over your account. No one will be able to know if you are online or not. You can also hide your last seen and state a blank space.

In FM WhatsApp – Hide Status Viewed

Hide View Status

In the original WhatsApp whenever we see any status, there will be a record shown to the respective user. But what if you want to see their status without knowing them? Yes, it’s possible. In FMWhatsapp has amazing features of hiding status view, not even the status takes will know that you have seen their status. It’s a very interesting and good feature of FMWhatsApp.

Read Message Without Blue Ticks

Double Blue Tick

FM WhatsApp has features interesting features, and functions. One of that amazing features is Read Message Without any blue ticks, in this feature you can read anyone’s message without letting them know about it. You can read the message and because of this feature, there will be no double ticks or any blue ticks

Disable “Forwarded” Tag:

Forward Tag

FM WhatsApp is a messenger, it’s a great social media communication app, which has lots of features. One of the best features of FM WhatsApp is disabling the Forwarded tag, You may have noticed that if you send any message to more than 3 to 4 people there will be a “forwarded” tag on the top of the message. If you don’t want this tag then you can easily disable it in the FMWhatsApp settings. It’s a very good feature to to hide multiple times send messages.

Limit Caller/Block Calls

Block Calls

FM WhatsApp has a very nice feature which is to Limit callers or Block calls from users. It’s the same as call blocking on our phone but it’s advanced. It has a custom message set which shows to the caller whenever they call you. By this, they will never know that you blocked their call. There are many custom messages like No Internet (with “calling” sign ), Call denied, Not Answered, and users can receive WhatsApp calls.

Hide Actions (“typing” )

A girl thinking while typing

Usually, WhatsApp is best for its privacy and security but it’s sometimes fallen, and user data is not safe at all. Because many users have changed their WhatsApp to WhatsApp MODs like FMWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp and many more. Which has the feature to hide the status tags. like “typing”, “online”, “last seen: 07:46” and many more. FM WhatsApp has all these features to hide your action.

Anti-Status Delete

A man with yellow dress deleting status

Usually WhatsApp status automatically disappeared after 24 hours. But there is also an option to delete the status before the time, so if you want to see anyone’s status even if they have deleted it FM WhatsApp saves. It’s all done using Anti status delete features of FM WhatsApp, which is an amazing feature. You don’t need to worry about watching the status worriedly, instead, you have all status even if anyone deleted it. This FM WhatsApp feature is very useful.

Choose Modes (Online/Offline)

online - offline

Many don’t want to be online on WhatsApp or don’t want to see the message from WhatsApp. But it gets difficult because WhatsApp runs in the background and has always internet access, whenever you are on an internet connection. To solve this problem FM WhatsApp has amazing features to choose Modes, you can easily click on the switch to go online or offline.

More Media Sharing


WhatsApp has many limitations, and one of the limitations is the media sharing limit of only 16MB. You can’t share any image, video, or file which has a size of more than 16MB. But no worry my friends, FM WhatsApp is the best at its place. FM WhatsApp has an increased media sharing limit to 200MB at a time. You can share any images, videos and files up to 200MB at a time. It’s a very useful feature of FM WhatsApp.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

do not disturb

WhatsApp doesn’t have as many privacy features as we do need, one of that is DND. FM WhatsApp has DND features, and Do Not Disturb(DND) is a very helpful and needy feature. It helps you focus on the main work rather than just using WhatsApp all the time. It set all notification and alerts as silent and give you a free environment, so you can focus on the other important things.

Anti-Delete Messages

Anti-Delete messages are also one of the best features of FM WhatsApp. No one can delete messages for you, which means if anyone sends you any message and wants to delete it, then it will only be deleted from their device, not from your FM WhatsApp. It’s a very cool feature, to show off between friends and have fun. Also, it’s very important as a part of privacy to get to know what message someone sends to you.

Security Lock In FMWhatsApp

phone lock

FM WhatsApp is an amazing messaging app with many amazing features, but a message is private and important and it should be shared with another person. So because FM WhatsApp has an in-built Security lock. You can easily set up this security lock and maintain your privacy from others. A security lock is very important to take privacy protection and FM WhatsApp takes care of that. So download FM WhatsApp and start using Security lock now..!

Auto Replay In FMWhatsApp

Auto Reply

FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular MODs available for WhatsApp. Because of its fabulous MOD features FM WhatsApp it’s so much popular. One of these features is Auto Replay. FM WhatsApp allows you to send the automatic replay to users. You can set a message and its replay so that if users send those messages they will get an automatic replay instantly. It’s a very useful feature for business and working persons to engage their audience.

Increased Forward Limit In FMWhatsApp

WhatsApp has many limits and one of that limits is the Forward limit. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to forward a message to a maximum of 10 persons. also, it denotes a “Forwarded Tag With It”. But no more FM WhatsApp has an amazing feature which offers an increased forward limit up to 200. With the help of FM WhatsApp, you can forward a message to up to 200 people. It’s a very helpful feature of FM WhatsApp.

Fully Customizable


FM WhatsApp is known for its fully Customizable interface and privacy options. In the customization there is no limit, you can change the font colour, theme, wallpaper, background image, layout, and many more. I don’t think you could be bored by FM WhatsApp because it has so many themes and options. It will always give you a better taste and refreshments.

Increased Images Sharing Limit

image sharing

FM WhatsApp has beaten WhatsApp in all features and one of them is Image sharing. Where WhatsApp you can only share 30 images at a time, FM WhatsApp allows you to share up to 100 images. You don’t need to select images multiple times or just resend them back and back. FM WhatsApp can send 100 images at a time. Which is a very great feature.

Messages Revoke – In FMWhatsApp

A boy and Girl chatting with each other

Do you want to see what message your friends send, which is deleted now? So no worries my friend FM WhatsApp has a feature of Messages Revoke with allows you to see the messages which have been deleted. You can revoke all messages which has a ‘this message is deleted’ statement. No, you don’t need to tell your friend to resend it, just install the FM WhatsApp and use all these amazing MOD features for free.

Anti-Ban In Built


If you think using FM WhatsApp can ban your WhatsApp account then you are wrong my friend. FMWhatsApp is nothing but a modified version of WhatsApp with many amazing MOD features. It’s all legal and safe to use the FM WhatsApp app. Also, it’s very concerned about your privacy and security. It has many features to increase user privacy. Using FM WhatsApp will never Ban your account.

No Root Required To Use FMWhatsApp

modify phone

FM WhatsApp has many amazing features but do we need to Root our device to use it?, so the answer is simple no we don’t need to Root our device. Fam WhatsApp is very safe and secures MOD APK like GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp and Aero WhatsApp. it doesn’t need to Root your device and also it doesn’t need to have any special permissions to use it. Just your device should be compatible with its Android version and can easily use FM WhatsApp on your device.

Ads Free User Interface

Ads free, you could say ‘it’s not a feature original WhatsApp is also ads free. Yes, the original WhatsApp is adding free but it doesn’t have many features. There are many WhatsApp MODs available which has Ads in the app. But FMWhatsApp gives “Ad Blocker membership”. In which you don’t need to see any ads or brand promotions.

Simple Installation Process To Install FMWhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a great WhatsApp alternative, but you should know how to install it on your device. If you already know how to install an app on your device then you can skip this step but if you don’t know then follow the following steps carefully. It’s a very simple and easy process.

Step 1 :-

Download FMWhatsApp from the download link available in the post.

Step 2 :-

Go to your files manager and find FM WhatsApp APK.

Step 3 :-

Click on the app, After this, there will be a pop-up window asking for permission to “Unknown Sources” So enable it.

Step 4 :-

Once you have done that click on the install button and wait till the installation process is going on.

Step 5- Now click on open and enjoy your FMWhatsApp MOD APK.


In this article, we have shared FM WhatsApp with you. It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs available. There are many amazing features in this FM WhatsApp. It’s free to use and doesn’t charge any penny. Also, we have shared many key points of FM WhatsApp like overview, details, functioning and features, how to use and many more. we have shared the FM WhatsApp download link in this post. Also, you can download FM WhatsApp and more amazing MODs from Askmodapk.com.

Useful FAQs

Is FMWhatsApp Free to use?

Yes FM WhatsApp is free to use, you can easily access all features of FM WhatsApp for free.

How can I get FMWhatsApp Updates and alerts for the new version?

You can easily download FM WhatsApp and its latest version updates on our site: askmodapk.com.

Can I use my WhatsApp account in FMWhatsApp?

Yes, you can easily use your WhatsApp account in FMWhatsApp and enjoy all features without any interruptions. Just You will need to sign in to FM WhatsApp using your WhatsApp Account number.

Is FM WhatsApp Safe to use?

Yes FM WhatsApp is very safe and secure to use. It is very concerned about its users and their privacy. It has many features to increase your privacy and security.

Can I use Original WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp both On one phone?

Yes, you can use both apps on one phone there is no problem. But you need to use a different account in each other, as it’s the base security feature of WhatsApp which doesn’t allow you to use the same account at the same time in both apps.

Which is the android version required to use FMWhatsApp?

You are required to have android version 4.4 or above to use FMWhatsApp.

Why does my system is detected FMWhatsApp as harmful?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp and it’s not an official app. Because of it, your phone could scan it as harmful. But it’s the same to use.

Who is the developer of FM WhatsApp?

FM Whatsapp is created and developed by Fouad Mokdad.

Note:- In the above article we have shared FMWhatsApp with you, it’s a modified version of WhatsApp. We have shared a download link for FM WhatsApp. You can download FMWhatsApp from askmodapk.com directly. Also, you can find more interesting MOD APK and updates at our site. It’s all free to download MOD APK from our site. You don’t need to give any penny to download any MOD APK. Our site is specialized in WhatsApp MODs and Clash of Clans Modes. If you have any questions, suggestions, or Complaints about our site or its content then comment below we will get back to you soon.

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