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Aero WhatsApp Apk Download 20.80.01 ()

WhatsApp Aero

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WhatsApp Mods

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About Aero WhatsApp

WhatsApp Aero Download (v20.93.34) Latest Version [Premium] For Android

Hello There, Are you bored using WhatsApp?, Do you want to customize your WhatsApp?, Are you searching for the best WhatsApp Alternatives?, If yes then this article is best for you. In this article, we are going to share the WhatsApp Aero app with all of you. It’s a very amazing WhatsApp alternative with fabulous features and customizations. We are going to share all the amazing information about this app, like its Overview, Amazing Customisable Interface, and How to download it? Top features, Installation Guide, FAQs, and final Verdict. You can easily download the latest version of the WhatsApp Aero apk from AskModApk. We have tested and given the best safe app for you. So read this article till the end, and don’t skip any part of it.

Overview Of WhatsApp Aero Apk

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk
Download WhatsApp Aero Apk

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps. I am sure you all are pretty familiar with it. But still, many things are boring and outdated. You will need to keep with it without having any choices and customizations. So now you can easily switch to other WhatsApp alternatives like WhatsApp Aero Apk. This app has many amazing
features and customizations in it. You can easily make an amazing interface, by using custom themes, options, and security in this app. So start using Aero WhatsApp now…

Amazing Customisable Interface In WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero Apk
WhatsApp Aero Apk

Using WhatsApp could be boring, but you improve it using WhatsApp Aero. WhatsApp Aero has many customizable features, you can easily make a user-friendly interface with its amazing options. This app also gives you more privacy and security in this digital era. You can easily change everything in Aero WhatsApp App. Just navigate through its amazing settings panels and you will find all the options there. Also, you will get ideas about many useful settings in this article, So read it carefully.

How to download Aero WhatsApp Apk For Free?

Shortcut Tabs And Search Options
Shortcut Tabs And Search Options

Many people think WhatsApp Aero Apk could be harmful to their devices, but it’s not true. The Aero WhatsApp app is very safe and used, also it has more Settings to configure your privacy and security. But there is only one thread on your device while downloading this app, and you will need to download it from a genuine source, like AskModApk. There is one of the best sources to download all Games and Apps MODs for free. You can easily download WhatsApp Aero App from this website for free. Below we have given a safe download link for all of our users.

Stunning Features In WhatsApp Aero Apk

Aero WhatsApp is filled with thousands of amazing features, you can also customize this app if you want. It has many customization options and features in it. Below we have shared some Amazing features of WhatsApp Aero Apk with you. So just read them carefully and learn more about Aero WhatsApp.

List Of All Features In Aero WhatsApp

  1. Hide Blue Ticks
  2. Thousands Of Amazing Theme
  3. Custom Chat Settings
  4. Home Screen Settings
  5. Custom Privacy Options
  6. Take Backup & Restore
  7. Get More Security
  8. Make Your Community

Hide Blue Ticks

Amazing Settings Panel In WhatsApp Aero Apk
Amazing Settings Panel In WhatsApp Aero Apk

WhatsApp includes one tick when we send a message and a double tick when it gets received. Also, you will see this double ticks in blue color when the receiver read the message. Now in WhatsApp Aero, you can easily customize these ticks and hide the Blue ticks even if you read the message. It’s a very awesome feature to increase privacy. Also, there are multiple ticks options to use in this app, you can easily try them out and explore WhatsApp Aero with AskModApk.com

Thousands Of Amazing Theme

Status And Chat Options
Status And Chat Options

Themes are considered one of the core features of WhatsApp Alternatives, same as this in WhatsApp Aero you will get thousands of beautiful themes collection. You can easily switch to a fabulous-looking custom WhatsApp Aero theme. All this theme has a different structure and gives a refreshing design. You can easily make them use it by just downloading the Aero WhatsApp app now.

Custom Chat Settings

Increase Your Privacy With Aero WhatsApp
Increase Your Privacy With Aero WhatsApp

We use the chat screen most in WhatsApp because in WhatsApp Aero you will get many amazing dedicated customization options. You can easily use any of these and simplify your WhatsApp chat experience. There is everything you can easily customize in this app like its entry style, ticks layout, background images, text and its Styles, Action bar, and more.

Home Screen Settings

Colour Settings
Colour Settings

Now talking about the home screen there are also many things you can customize. Here you can add more sections, change the layout, chat more chats, include different chats, and more. These options will give you access to all around WhatsApp. You can easily navigate through its settings in Settings>>Home screen settings>>and explore the amazing settings there. Here in this section, you will get access to the header to footer all the settings you want.

Custom Privacy Options

University Customisations Options
University Customisations Options

In this modern era, our privacy is considered one of the most important concerns among people. Because in WhatsApp Aero you will get many features to protect it very well. You can easily use custom privacy options to maintain your privacy in, contacts, groups, and broadcasts. You can easily select from many privacy options, like calls, messages, ticks, status, and many more.

Take Backup & Restore

More Conversational Options
More Conversational Options

Many people will think it’s an ordinary feature of WhatsApp, but it’s not. It’s a custom Backup and Restores option to take more secure backups by ourselves. This setting allows us to take backups in our desired location, such as drive, online storage, and phone storage itself. These options will give you more security compared to the old WhatsApp backup options.

Get More Security

Customise Your Home Screen
Customise Your Home Screen

As you may get an idea about more security in Aero WhatsApp Apk from the above features, but it’s not it. The WhatsApp Aero is like full storage of security and privacy bundle. This app will give you many amazing security options to give you the best safe experience. In this app, you will get included app lock, custom Chat lock, and many other amazing features.

Make Your Community

Make Your Community
Make Your Community

Making your community and staying connected is now easier in WhatsApp Aero. This app gives you the comfort to get engaged with your community more. You can easily add people, chats, groups, and many others in this community to stay connected. This is a very amazing way to stay connected with people around us, just add them and get all the updates in WhatsApp Aero only.

Simple Installation Process

If you want to install the WhatsApp Aero apk, and are worried about how to install it on your device then here we have shared the Full installation process of the WhatsApp Aero apk with you. Follow all of the steps given below, and don’t skip any part of it.

  1. First of all you will need to download the Aero WhatsApp app from AskmodApk. Also, you can easily download it by clicking the download button below.
  2. Once you are done with the installation process, open the file explorer and search for the app we downloaded. Then click on it.
  3. After this you will see a window asking permission for Unkown Sources, so enable this option. Also if you have already done this before, then you can easily skip it for now.
  4. Then just click on the install button and wait till the process is going on.
  5. After you are done with the installation part, click on the open button and enjoy using the Aero WhatsApp app for free.
Install WhatsApp Aero Apk Now
Install WhatsApp Aero Apk Now

Final Conclusion

In the above article, we are going to share the WhatsApp Aero apk with all of you. It’s a very amazing WhatsApp alternative with fabulous features and customizations. You can immerse your message experience using WhatsApp Aero . We have shared all the information about this app in our articles. You can easily download the latest version of the Aero WhatsApp app from our website. We have shared a safe and secure download link to this website with you. That’s it, for now, hope you all loved our content make sure to share it with all of your friends and family. So they will also enjoy this amazing app.

Useful FAQs About WhatsApp Aero

How to add a custom Theme to WhatsApp?

If you want to customize your WhatsApp, by adding more features and custom themes then you will need to use its MOD version. We have shared many amazing MOD versions of WhatsApp which can help you here, like WhatsApp Aero Apk.

How to download the WhatsApp Aero apk for free?

While downloading the WhatsApp Aero app you will need to focus on using a genuine platform. Because many websites can give you the wrong app and cause your device. So just download WhatsApp Aero apk from AskmodApk, we have provided a free download link for this app with you.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Alternatives?

Many people think using WhatsApp alternative could be a dangerous task for their device, but it’s not true. They are fully secure to use, just you will need to focus on Downloading WhatsApp Alternatives from a genuine platform only, like AskmodApk.

Which is the lowest android version to install WhatsApp Aero app?

You will need Android version 4.4 and above to install the WhatsApp Aero app on your device.


In the above article we have shared that the WhatsApp Aero apk, it’s one of the best WhatsApp Alternatives. You will get many amazing customization options and features in it. You can easily use this app for using custom themes, and more security, and privacy while going online. We have shared the Aero WhatsApp apk direct download link in this article. You can also try more amazing WhatsApp Alternatives from AskModApk, like Fm WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, And GB WhatsApp, all of which carry many amazing features in it. So try using this unique version of Whatsapp Messenger. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about anything you can share them with us in the comment section. We will give a reply as soon as possible.

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