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WhatsApp Plus Apk Download 20.80.01 ()

WhatsApp Plus Apk

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About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus APK (v20.93.34) Latest Version [Official] Download For Android

Are you still using old WhatsApp? Do you want to try more features in WhatsApp?, Do you want to customize your WhatsApp? If yes then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to share WhatsApp Plus APK with all of you. It’s a modified version of WhatsApp and has many amazing features. You can enjoy added customizations and beautiful looks in this version. We will be going to share all information about this app, so you can easily get used to it. You can easily download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk from AskmodApk, we have shared a direct download link of this app below in this article. So you will first need to read this article till the end, also don’t skip any part you could face some problems.

Overview About WhatsApp Plus APK

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk
Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps, it’s been very used in our daily routine. By the fact that it looks outdated and boring, you will never love using it. At many consequences WhatsApp Plus APK will get looked outdated, so the solution for this is using WhatsApp MODs like WhatsApp Plus. Using WhatsApp Plus will give you more security and privacy with the many amazing features you want. This version doesn’t have any limitations, so you can easily customize it as you want.

Why Should We Use WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

The primary answer to this question is changing. As a human, we tend to change and update as to grow in our lives. Same like this with using the same features as they were 10 years ago would not give you growth. WhatsApp Plus is one of the best WhatsApp Alternatives and can replace WhatsApp completely. This version is not only more customizable but also gives you total security and flexibility. You can easily use this app, it’s available for free and we have shared its official download link in this article.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK for free?

All Sections In WhatsApp Plus Apk
All Sections In WhatsApp Plus Apk

People think downloading apps from third-party sources is a threat to their phones. But it’s not true, while if you download it from any Unkown Sources or website having duplicate links and just want to learn money from you, these sites could make your thread from your data. But you can safely download WhatsApp Plus APK on your mobile using AskModApk. Here on this website, we share only working, safe and secure apps with our users. You can freely download any MOD app you want, without getting worried about anything else.

Fabulous Features In WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is like a plus version of WhatsApp. It’s modified by different developers but still, it has many amazing features in it. It will include all the features we see in WhatsApp, and also you will get many advances features options in this version. Below we have listed some top features of this app, so read them carefully.

List Of All Available Features

  1. Customise WhatsApp
  2. More Media Sharing
  3. Diable Forwarded Tag
  4. Amazing Custom Themes
  5. Custom Call Blocking
  6. Enjoy More Privacy
  7. Anti View Once Message
  8. Anti Ban

Customise WhatsApp

Navigation Bar In WhatsApp Plus Apk
Navigation Bar In WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus is the Ultimate version of WhatsApp. This version allows you to customize WhatsApp to its fullest. There is everything customizable in this version, you can easily customize its theme, text, colors, margin, and even some more complex stuff if you want. It’s like an open UI app, you can easily customize and make it unique as you want.

More Media Sharing

Auto Replay Messages In WhatsApp Plus Apk
Auto Replay Messages In WhatsApp Plus Apk

Media sharing is been one of the limitations of WhatsApp. You can’t send more than 30 photos at a time, and also there are you can’t send any file of more than 100MB. But with WhatsApp Plus you will get rid of all these limitations. You can send as many photos and videos as you want. Also, there is no restriction on media file sharing, you can easily send big files using this WhatsApp app easily.

Diable Forwarded Tag

All Settings In WhatsApp Plus Apk
All Settings In WhatsApp Plus Apk

If you have sent a message to 3 or more people at a time WhatsApp will include a “forwarded many times” tag on that message, With this message, it looks very weird and fake. You can easily disable this using WhatsApp Plus Apk. Just navigate to Setting<<Privacy And security<< and search for disabling forwarded. Make sure the option is on. After this, you can easily send messages to unlimited people at a time, without getting any tags.

Amazing Custom Themes

Privacy And Security Available
Privacy And Security Available

Custom Themes are one of the most amazing features of WhatsApp Plus. You will get many amazing themes in the Whatsapp theme store. All these themes will be available to you free of cost. With this theme you can change your WhatsApp totally, there is no need to have any technical knowledge. Just go to settings and click on the Plus Theme option. Explore the themes, you like and install them on your device.

Custom Call Blocking

Enjoy More Security With WhatsApp Plus
Enjoy More Security With WhatsApp Plus

You may hear of call blocking on WhatsApp. But this is very simple, instead, you can use Custom Call Blocking in WhatsApp plus. This feature will block calls from anyone you want, without letting them know about it. You can set custom messages like no internet, call denied, … is one another call or any you want. This is a very amazing feature, in terms of privacy.

Enjoy More Privacy

Amazing Theme Store
Amazing Theme Store

If you are not satisfied with the privacy which Whatsapp gives you then Whatsapp Plus can help you. This version has more focus on increasing your privacy as you want. You can set custom call blocking, app lock, special Chat lock, an anti-view once messaging, and many more. You can easily explore more amazing features and increase your privacy as you want.

Anti View Once Message

Conversational Settings In Whstapp Plus
Conversational Settings In WhatsApp Plus

If you are familiar with WhatsApp’s new feature View once messages then you could know that all messages sent under it will be only viewable once. After this, you can read that particular message. But with WhatsApp Plus you can disable this feature. after this, you can easily read and view the message as many times as you want. To disable this feature, go to your WhatsApp Plus settings<<Privacy and security<< search for disable view once messaging and disable that option.

Anti Ban

Custom Call Settings
Custom Call Settings

There are many versions of WhatsApp which are banned and it will include your account risk. But don’t worry in WhatsApp Plus Apk you will get Anti Ban features. With it, your WhatsApp account will not be banned from using this app. Also, it doesn’t mean you can violet WhatsApp terms. It’s just to make a good WhatsApp Alternative and give users full access to customizations. So don’t do any other Privacy violations like a fake message or other, or your account could be suspended.

Simple Installation Guide For WhatsApp Plus

The installation process of WhatsApp Plus APK is very easy, You will just need to follow some quick steps and you will be able to do it on your device. For your convenience, we have shared a step-by-step installation process for WhatsApp Plus app below. So follow it carefully and dint skip any part of it.

Step 1. First of all click on the Download button and download the WhatsApp Plus app on your device.

Step 2. After this go to your file manager and search for WhatsApp Plus Apk we just downloaded, now click on it.

Step 3. Then you will see a new window asking permission for “Unknown Sources”, So to install this app you will need to allow this permission. Also if you have already done this before then you can move to the next step.

Step 4. After this you will see the install button, so click on it and wait while the installation is going on.

Step 5. Once the Installation is done, you can simply click on the open button and enjoy WhatsApp Plus App for free.

Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Now
Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Now


In this article, we have shared WhatsApp Plus Apk with you. It’s a very amazing WhatsApp MOD filled with thousands of features. You can enjoy doing many customizations in this app. We have also shared information about its Overview, why should we use it? how to download it? Top features, Installation Guide, FAQs, and many more. You can clear all your doubts from this article. You can easily download WhatsApp Plus App from our website. It’s a safe and official download link, you can freely download this app from there. That’s all for now, hope you all enjoyed this article. Make sure to share it with all of your family and friends, so they will also enjoy its customizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus Apk?

Yes it’s safe to use WhatsApp MODs on your device, Just you will need to download it from a trusted source like AskModApk.com

How to download WhatsApp Plus Apk for free?

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus Apk for free, you can easily do it using our AskModApk.com. We have shared the official download link of this app.

How to disable View once messages in WhatsApp?

As you know View once is a new messaging feature of WhatsApp, so under this feature, you can only see a message once. So to disable it you can use WhatsApp Plus and view the message as many times as you want.

How to customize My Whatsapp?

If you want to customize your WhatsApp, their many many amazing WhatsApp MODs available for this. You can simply download any one of them from AskmodApk and start the customization as you want.


In the above article, we have shared WhatsApp Plus App with all of you. It’s one of the Top WhatsApp MODs available online. You can easily download WhatsApp Plus from this article, we have shared the official download link of this app from AskModApk. Also, you can download more amazing WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and JT WhatsApp From AskmodApk.com. That’s it for now if you have to want questions, problems, or suggestions about our website. You can share it with us in the comment section below. We will reply to all your queries soon.

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